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November 2018


I'm off to Kathmandu for a month. Booked my flight with Qatar and I can safely say it's the best flight I have ever experienced. The cabin crew are delightful and the plane very comfortable with a good selection of films and music. Currently in Doha's posh airport waiting for my connection. I'm quite tired but feeling good. This is the last leg of the journey now if I don't count the haggle at the taxi stand in Kathmandu. I've been to Kathmandu many times so I can tell you a thing or two. One thing is to just laugh when the taxi driver tries to change you 1000Nr to Boudha when really you should be haggling to around 300-500Nr Anything more and they're ripping you off and laughing at you when you get out the taxi. Another thing I can tell you is pack layers. Nepal is cool in the morning,hot in the day and cold at night. March is a hot time of year to go and November is also a good time to go although not as hot as March.Dont worry about visas as you can get your visa at the airport. Very easy to do.Off for a snooze so I'll check back later. Love Spike the traveling bear.

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Lama Wangdu

Got up early this morning and headed over to Lama Wangdu. Lama Wangdu is a great Chod practisioner and a divination master. Chod is a Tibetan healing practice and is beautiful to listen to and learn yourself. It gets rid of all negative forces as well as negative emotions. Lama Wangdu gave me a blessing with a purba (ritual dagger) This is also used to drive out negative demons. After he gave me a blessing,he then gave me a beautiful protection cord full of blessings and a scorpion knot. I came away feeling healed and completely blessed. I then went back home and relaxed in my room with a belly full of tsok ( blessed biscuits) from Lama Wangdu. ♡

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